Respecting and building partnership with each client

Aiming to always be a segment in reference company “integrated pest control and hygienic cleaning.”


The Ecológica Serviços de Dedetizações Ltda,  is a company engaged in pest control desktop environments, chemical weed control and load purge stored in warehouse and container or alocata in ship holds, as soybean, corn, wheat, bran, cotton, tobacco , beans, paddy rice, coffee, processed coffee, peanuts, cocoa, leather and wood.


The Ecológica Serviços de Dedetizações Ltda, started its full program and monitoring of pests in 2007 in Paranaguá city. Aiming to better serve the customer with quality and responsibility, the company has a technical team prepared and composed of engineers and experienced staff, meeting the market needs with efficient.



We are a legalized company with services within the existing rules of law, with concerns such as social and environmental responsibility actions, with a prompt service meeting the needs of customers.

“Provide technology, cutting-edge technical services and advice”.


Develop Integrated Pest control with sustainability and quality, thus offering solutions with safety and well being of our customers, employees and the environment. Being a fast and easy solution through better and cleaner technologies, procedures and techniques that can take quality of life into your home or business, with all the security and comfort that you need and deserve.

“We have as objective is to serve 100% the expectations of our customers”.


  • Agility
  • Compromised
  • Professional ethics
  • Excellent value for money
  • Honesty
  • Innovation
  • Preservation of the environment
  • Quality in the products and services
  • Respect for all
  • With security solutions

We seek go beyond efficiency

We are developing our services with agility, dexterity, skill and above all the quality that only a company that treats its customers like friends can offer. Efficiency that is being built every day by our employees.

Ecológica Fumigações

Pest control – Fumigation

Attendance at times:
Monday to Friday from 08h x 12h – 13h x 18h.
Saturday from 08h x 12h.

Success relationship with post-harvest line Bequisa.