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List of agencies and licenses

License: BR-PR-248


The records and permits granted by the Ministry of Agriculture are governed by laws, decrees, regulations and ordinances instructions. They aim to educate and legitimize stockbreeders, as well as breeders and feed chain workers on the activity they perform.
Veterinary products, both biological and pharmaceutical products, require prior authorization from the Ministry of Agriculture to be marketed. Establishments that manufacture such products must be registered with the ministry. The same happens with the veterinarians issuing the Animal Transit Guide (GTA) must be registered.
Records and authorizations are important tools to certify the quality and animal health, as well as maintaining oversight that benefits the Brazilian agribusiness. In certain areas, can only exercise professional work, businesses or producers who have prior authorization and be registered with the ministry.

License: 705.818


The environmental licensing is a prior legal obligation to install any enterprise or potentially polluting or degrading activity of the environment and has as one of its most significant features of social participation in decision making, by conducting public hearings as part of the process .

This obligation is shared by State Agencies for Environment and IBAMA, as integral parts of SISNAMA (National Environmental System). Ibama operates mainly in the licensing of large infrastructure projects involving impacts in more than one state and the activities of the oil and gas industry on the continental shelf.

The main guidelines for the implementation of environmental licensing are expressed in Law 6,938 / 81 and the Resolutions CONAMA 001/86 and 237/97. In addition to these recently published Complementary Law No. 140/2011, which elaborates on the state and federal jurisdiction for licensing, and is based upon the location of the enterprise.

The Environmental Licensing Department is Ibama agency responsible for licensing the implementation at the federal level.

License: U7X5-H87M-78YX


Provides on operating companies specialized in providing vector control services and urban pests and other measures.

Art. 3º This regulation applies to companies specialized in providing vector control services and urban pests in various environments such as general industries, production facilities, import, export, handling, storage, transportation, fractionation, packaging, distribution, marketing of food, pharmaceuticals, health products, perfumes, hygiene products and cosmetics for human and animal health, suppliers of raw materials, field hospitals, clinics, clubs, “malls”, homes and condominiums and commercial, public transportation vehicles, aircraft, ships, airports, ports, customs facilities and dry ports, entertainment venues and public and private agencies, among others.

License: 10031


ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROL PLAN – PCA is required by the environmental agency (Paraná Environmental Institute – IAP, as one of the conditions for obtaining the Installation License (LI) general activities, such as landfill, poultry, cemeteries, industrial enterprises , trade and services, waste incinerator, gas stations, wildlife venture, among others.

For your preparation, you should hire an environmental consultant with trained professionals to prepare the PCA, which should cover, briefly, enterprise data, generated impacts, their magnitude and mitigation measures presented in environmental plans and programs.

License: 73235


License: 43426



The Plan or Basic Environmental Project – PBA is a breakdown of all the mitigating and compensatory measures and environmental programs proposed in the EIA / RIMA and composes the Installation License process (LI) of the enterprise.

The Basic Environmental Plan is intended to guide and specify the actions and works
They should be triggered and performed for recovery of environmental liabilities of enterprises / effective and / or potentially impacting activities. Conceptualizes to environmental liabilities set of degradations consisting of externalities generated by the existence projects / activities on third parties and third parties on the latter.

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