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Phytosanitary treatment


And a control pests by chemical treatment performed with chemical compounds or pesticide formulations (so-called fumigants) volatiles (in the state of vapor or gas) in an airtight system aiming at disinfestation materials, objects and facilities which can not be subjected other forms of treatment.

It aims to remove insects that are the products stored in its various stages of development, seeking to achieve 100% efficiency in control. This operation can be performed with the grains loose or bagged. The bulk grains are deposited in vertical silos, horizontal, grain warehouses or basements ships.

We do this service in:

  • Ship Basements
  • containers
  • Trucks
  • Camara canvas
  • Silos

Household Cleaning treatment

Pest control

It is the use of smoke, vapors, gases and / or other products, usually chemical, for exterminating insects or other pests in any given area. Whether it’s termites, spiders, cockroaches, mosquitoes, fleas or other you want to send away, the pest control will be more effective if done the right way. By following a few tips, you can make the most effective and efficient process.

Many chemicals used in pest control are toxic and can cause adverse effects when people and animals are exposed to residues of these chemicals.

Rat extermination

It controls with trap door process baits against the rat type mice, roof rat, bilge rat and mouse. paraffin bait to combat a higher animal adapted environments. To live close to humans of all the advantages the mouse is capable like no other animal species to adapt to the human environment as passers comfortably live becoming an unwanted pet par excellence, an animal with which man lives against their will.

Therefore control of this pest by pest control is extremely necessary to have success in rodent control should biologically know as much as possible about the same habits and characteristics beyond the malaise that the mouse causes, we must take into account all diseases the same cause directly and indirectly and, rodents are carriers of the virus.

Chemical weeding

It is the removal of unwanted vegetation through the use of herbicides, is a provision service performed exclusively by companies authorized by licensed agency. For the performance of the activity it is necessary that the company has an Environmental License Simplified (LAS), with specialization in chemical weed control.

In addition to the LAS, the provision of this service can only be performed with a specific environmental authorization, with a term of validity and given the presence of a Technical Director.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Water Boxes

It held, often with the use of products such as chlorine and its chlorinated compounds, among which we can mention the calcium hypochlorite and sodium. the preparation of chlorine solution for disinfection suitable active chlorine concentration is essential. The active chlorine is the available part of the chemical in solution, able to promote the elimination of micro-organisms responsible for water contamination.

The handling of chlorine-based products requires use of gloves, masks, goggles, aprons and waterproof boots. Before starting the procedures for cleaning and disinfection, the operator must be healthy, showing no skin lesions or evidence of any disease.


Technical consultancy

It is a provision of service performed by a qualified professional, who through diagnosis and specific tools, is able to meet the needs of companies or individuals in relation to their decision-making processes, identifying solutions to their problems, based on the knowledge acquired by it.

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Pest control – Fumigation

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