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The Ecológica Serviços de dedetização Ltda, started its full program of monitoring of pests in 2007 in the city of Paranaguá.

Aiming to better serve the customer with quality and responsibility, the company has prepared a technical team composed of engineers and skilled staff with extensive experience to meet all your expectations and needs.

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Main services


Pest control

Insects are a nuisance in virtually everywhere. Therefore, pest control is used by many to end the insects that bother this in almost everywhere …


It is a pest control that through the chemical treatment carried out with compounds or volatile pesticide formulations in an airtight system, on the removal of insects found in stored products in its various stages of development …

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We are prepared

To meet anywhere in the country.

Services in

Containers, ship holds, canvas camera, trucks, wagons, silos, warehouses and general cargo.


Between the headquarters and branch array we have several points of interest.


Always in 1st place is the main action of all services.

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Environmental licenses

The environmental licensing process has three distinct stages: Preliminary License, Installation License and Operating License.

Ibama during the licensing process listens to the Environmental Agencies (OEMAs) involved in the licensing and Federal Agencies Heritage Management (IPHAN), the Indigenous Communities (FUNAI), the Quilombo Communities (Palmares Foundation), endemic disease control ( Secretariat of Health Surveillance, Ministry of Health), among others. In this context, the municipal governments of the affected municipalities and / or crossed by the project are heard on the issue of proper insertion of the project against the Plan of Use and occupation of the city of Solo.

The licensing process environmental studies are prepared by the entrepreneur and delivered to the organ for review and approval. For each licensing stage there are specific studies to be developed.

We have environmental and health license to perform
any kind of pest control.

Our products do not harm the

Ecológica Fumigações

Pest control – Fumigation

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Monday to Friday from 08h x 12h – 13h x 18h.
Saturday from 08h x 12h.

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